Land egendom i Riogordo

180m² hus
10,880m² land
3 sovrum
3 badrum

Ref. nej.. rg1829ch
€ 395,000

Exceptional country property with fabulous views of the mountains and the ‘white Andalucian villages’ of Riogordo, Colmenar and Comares.   Situated in the municipality of Riogordo this unique property consists of 10,880 m2 of land, a house of 180 m2 and a swimming pool.   THE LAND/ PLOT   Most of the land is planted with 160 mature income producing olive trees. Some trees are estimated to be over 100 years old. As is the nature of the olive tree it has its high yield year followed by a lean year. The average yearly crop is circa 5,000 kilos of olives, which translates into about 1200 litres of pure top quality virgin olive oil. The olives are processed by the Agro-Olivarera Riogordo Coop, which is a member of the DCOOP Group of Spain with over 115 olive oil producing mills in the south of Spain, which account for 20% of Spain´s total annual yield of over 1,000,000 tons of olive oil. Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil. Riogordo and surrounding areas have won top prizes as the country’s best of olive oil. The Verdial variety from nearby Mondron is especially highly praised by the olive oil tasting experts.   A very welcome new addition to the land is the circa 300 Syrah grape stocks that were planted in the spring of 2016. These Certified plants come from world renowned Viveros Villanueva in Navarra Spain, close to the Rioja region. Vivero Villanueva is a leader in ID and grafts over 15 million wine stocks per year, sold around the world. The grape plants - all under irrigation - were planted on April 15, 2016 and by August they were producing delicious grapes. To the disbelief of the locals during the first season the vineyard produced about 20 kilos of very juicy grapes. The plants will come to full maturity and production in 2020, with a projected yield of about 2000 kilos of grapes per year. (Google ‘Viveros Villanueva’and see their great promotional video.)   To compliment the wine growing experience and investment a superb wine cellar ‘bodega’ has been created. The ‘bodega’ can stock up to 1500 bottles of wine. In the centre of the ‘bodega’ is a round table around which to huddle during those precious wine sampling moments. Always at an ideal temperature it is the perfect place to toast to your health and long life… exquisite accompanied with some Jamon Serrano and well cured Manchego cheese on freshly oven baked bread.   As the wine gets better with age, the only matter left to decide is: what name should appear on the wine bottles.   There is also a dozen or so fully mature almond trees which give about 200 kilos of almonds every September. We all know what peanut butter tastes like. Make your own almond butter and compare………..smooth, creamy and delicious.   Does it get any better? Can it be more Spanish? Your own olive oil, wine, almonds…     THE HOUSE   The house, including its 80 m2 of verandas, is 180 m2. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 en suite bathrooms and a guest bathroom with shower. Two of the bedrooms have a separate door leading out onto the terrace pool area, which allows you to directly access these areas without having to go through the house.   It has a combined living and dining room area. A separate kitchen with quality oak cabinet doors. The kitchen is complete with ceramic hob and electric oven, dishwasher, microwave and exterior extractor fan.   There are cathedral ceilings in the entire house creating an airy uplifting feeling of height and space.   The house was built in 1995 and has been totally refurbished. It has new electrics and plumbing. New floor. New double glazed windows and patio door. Top of the range heat and cold General A/C units in each bedroom and a large unit for the living room and dining room. To save on energy costs and the life of the A/C each room is mounted with Room Climate Control unit which is a movement sensor which turns off the A/C unit when there is no movement in the room and kicks back on automatically whenever you re-enter the room. There are also 3 speed ceiling fans with light in every room.   The house has mains electricity and metered water from the municipality of Riogordo. The water pressure is exceptionally high and there has never been a water shortage nor water restrictions.   VERANDAS   A very special and remarkable feature of the house is the 3 verandas totalling over 80 m2. The house was designed to maximize the enjoyment of outdoor living, which is possible all year round in southern Spain… even during the winter months.   You can greet every day with breakfast on the east side veranda which offers great views of the La Maroma mountain, from where the sun invariably rises every morning. La Maroma is 2065 meters high, the highest mountain in La Axarquia and a challenge for experienced trekkers. And views of the 3 dramatic and jagged tajos (peaks) of Gomer, Fraile and Doña Ana, which appear as sentinels of the much larger and imposing Sierra de Enmedio.   The north side terrace offers the equally spectacular views of the Sierra del Jobo and the Sierra del Rey mountain ranges. This terrace contains the pool which can be accessed from two of the bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The pool is clad with small Mediterranean blue ‘Gresite’ tiles and equipped with a top quality Zodiac salination unit, which makes natural chlorine out of salt. This relatively new pool cleansing system has revolutionized how pool water is kept clean and pure. It is highly recommended by health experts and proven to be extremely beneficial to the skin…………and prevents those nasty ear infections.       On the west side terrace, there is a laundry area complete with a washing machine and scrub sink next to it, and plenty of storage shelves. There is a long table which is 2.5 meters and 1 meter wide – it seats 12 for those really big fiestas. There is also the one legged pink granite top table surrounded by benches on 3 sides: seats 8-10 people. From there you see the 3 ‘white villages’ of Riogordo, Comares and Colmenar. It’s a great place to take your evening night cap while watching the incredibly beautiful and spectacular sunsets so typical to Andalusia.   The closed off area around the house – circa 1000 m2 - is accessed from the road through an automatic horizontal sliding door. The door can be opened by remote control from far enough away that you do not have to stop at any time before driving into the large parking area with access to the house and garage.   The garage is over 40 m2. It has place for 2-3 cars. It has a 7 meter long work bench with 8 electric plugs to make sure that you do not have to use extension cords and that your tools are always plugged in and ready for use at any given time. There is room for every tool imaginable. Great space for the DIY guy. Are you into vintage cars? This is where you can keep them well tuned up. There is also plenty of storage space and shelves.   BBQ AREAS – AS IT IS DONE IN ARGENTINA. THE ‘PARRILLA’   Close to the pool there is a cooking area complete with sink and a 4 ring gas hob and oven. The counter top is made of 40 x 40 cm terra cotta tiles and is an impressive 4 meters long. Also featured is a state of the art Argentinian ‘parrilla’ (grill). As master chef judge John Torode learned in his trip to Argentina the art of grilling is all about the FIRE. (See his YouTube video). Argentinians only use the hot coals of hard wood on which to grill their meat. Stone dry and hard olive tree logs are considered the absolute best. The top of the grill on which the meat is placed must be 13 cm high for the meat to come out just right. The grill area is 2 meters long by 80 cm wide. The metal grill itself is 1.25 long by 70 cm wide. It can grill up to 40 thick sirloins all in one go so that everyone gets to eat and toast the chef at the same time.   Remember it is all about the FIRE. How to make it. How to sustain it. How to control it. Learn to master the Argentinian ‘parrilla’ and you will be the star at the top of the BBQ charts forever. Truly magic!   Next to the ‘parrilla is a solid, massive granite top slab of 2 m long by 76 cm wide used to prepare the food – dough for the bread and pizzas, etc - that goes into the oven. The oven has 25 cm walls and can withstand heat up to 400 degrees. On its initial test run the walls proved to be so efficient that it took the oven 24 hours to return to ambient temperature. Paul Hollywood would be in his element baking bread in that oven.   Leaving the pool BBQ area and passing the 3 tier white fountain, an elevated dining area has been created around a huge olive tree more than 100 years old with a branch girth of about 25 meters round. Three sections of 80 cm wide benches have been made around the olive tree. The ample width allows room for sun mattresses on which to take the mid-day siesta, or sleep under the stars during those hot Spanish summer nights. Six people can comfortably stretch out around this great olive tree – which, by the way, yields about 150 kilos of olives every year.   Also under this imperial tree there is a wrought iron table and 8 chairs. There is also a 3.20 long counter top, complete with sink and another grill area. This grill area is within arms length of the well stocked herb and spice patch of mint, thyme, rosemary, savoury, etc.   Adjacent to this majestic tree is a 100 m2 garden area to grow vegetables, plants and flowers. The top soil for this area was specially trucked from the Vinuela Dam and is soil from its tailings. The soil is very rich in organic fibres and nutrients and makes for a great base for a thriving garden patch. Anything planted in this area is guaranteed to grow and grow and grow……….   Except for this open garden area almost all the flowers along the walk ways are protected by plastic to keep the weeds to a minimum. The crushed stone to hold down the plastic is the pinkish ‘Piedra Colorido’ rock found only in the Murcia area. Everything has been prepared and planted so that you could be away from the property for long stretches at a time and on your return your flowers and plants will have grown in size and look as great as ever. All that you will be required to do is some pruning to suit your own taste.   (NOTE: If caring for the garden and pool and all the trees seems over whelming to you, there is plenty of local expert help nearby to keep it all working like clock work…. all at very good value for money. Jose, the handyman, says he is only too glad to stay on if asked.     ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. IT´S REAL AND THERE IS PLENTY OF IT   In order not to spoil the exterior aesthetics of the house, a POWER STATION has been built 50 meters from the house. This cement structure houses the control units of the electricity producing wind mill and solar panels. The electric wind mill generating unit is the renowned Marlec Rutland FM 180. Well known by boat enthusiasts this incredibly efficient wind electricity producing work horse has been supplying electricity to remote rural areas around the world for since the 1960s. It works marvels on the Riogordo property.   On the roof of the Power Station are 2 solar panels which also generate electricity. The energy of both the wind mill and solar panels pass through the Eco Solar ‘Solar Power Inverter’ which transforms electricity from 24 volts to 230 volts, which is then stored in batteries to supply electricity to mains fuse box of the house.   At optimum capacity the combined wind and solar system can produce about 3000 watts per hour. Also on the roof of the Power Station is the solar hot water system with a 300 litre tank capacity. The south of Spain is blessed with one of the sunniest climates in the world and the solar hot water system is highly efficient in delivering an endless supply of hot water, up to 100ºC during the summer months…...scalding hot.   To further take advantage of the tremendous benefits of the sun, on the south side wall of the house ducted into the living room is a SolarVenti Hot Air System unit. This brilliant little Norwegian invention consists of a solar cell that drives an electronic fan installed inside the house which draws air through an air collector panel situated on the exterior wall of the house. This highly efficient hot air energy source produces up to an amazing 2200 watts of heat effect per hour of sunshine. In addition to the heat produced it draws in a massive amount of fresh air and absorbs and eliminates humidity. It is especially useful during the winter months. It really helps to keeps your heating bill at a minimum.   The location of this property with all the extras it offers, not the least the stunning views of the many peaks and mountain tops of Axarquia and its extensive olive orchards, leads to the happy conclusion that indeed TUSCANY HAS COMPETITION.   80 m2 of verandas. Newly renovated. 3 bedrooms. 3 bathrooms -2 en suite. Combined living/dining room. Oak kitchen cabinets. Fireplace. Separate laundry room. AIC in all the rooms. 40m2 garage with 2 double doors. Large work shop complete with tools. Automatic remote control entrance gate. Mains electricity and water. Solar Venti hot air system. Solar hot water system. Wind generating electricity unit (Marlec Rutland). Solar cell electricity generating unit. Power station housing alternative energy control units and batteries. Swimming pool. Zodiac salination unit.    Must be seen to be fully appreciated. A unique, one off property. Welcome for a visit.